Step 11

Checking In, Introspection, Meditation, Prayer
Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact to our higher power/higher selves

Summary and how it applies to the 12 steps.

Step 11 of the 12 steps continues the trend of talking and listening to a higher power/higher self. Terms that are commonly used are “prayer”, “meditation”, and “conscious contact”. Spiritual language is your to define, but step 11 does rely on talking (commonly referred to as prayer) and listening (commonly referred to as meditating).

When 12 step programs refer to conscious contact they are implying a conversation - or both talking and listening with intention. With the goal of recovery, one must use talking, listening, and reflection as tools.

Step Exercises/Discussion Topics

  1. Can you recall anytime that your life was heading in the wrong direction? If so, what brought you back? Describe this in detail.
  2. How would you describe your beliefs about God and a Higher Power to a child?
  3. What are your favorite sources of wisdom and knowledge about values?
  4. Has anything you ever read convinced you to change in some fundamental or deep way?
  5. If you were stranded on a desert island with only one book, which book would you take? Why?

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