Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs For Ohio Residents

Our alcohol rehabilitation programs offer holistic treatment options on top of evidence-based treatment, bringing you the best of both worlds. These additional forms of therapy can help create new patterns that result in long term recovery.

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Everyone’s detox needs are different so NPB utilizes several types of detox programs. You will have to have an evaluation to determine what level of detox is needed. Our medical team screens patients for physical and mental health issues. We will also need to find out the amount of a substance in a patients system. Lastly, there will be a review of family and medical history to formulate a base of a long-term treatment plan. Call Today To Get Started.


Inpatient Rehabilitation is the route to take when want to ensure a successful recovery process. Depending on usage, you are much more likely to relapse without the use of inpatient rehabilitation. Rehabilitation lengths and programs vary based on the individual. Our programs offer group and individual counseling, family programs, nourishing meals, recreational activities. Contact an Addiction Specialist Today To Start Your Journey.

Individually Tailored Treatment

Our rehabilitation programs provide individualized treatment plans tailored to fit each and every individual that comes through our doors. We do this by working closely with the client, the family of the client, and the healthcare workers assigned to the treatment plan.

Formal Alumni Programs

We have in person events and keep in touch digitally. our Alumni Association stays close and helps each other remain in recovery. together we lead healthy and sober lifestyles, post helpful content, and keep in touch with the family.

Evidence Based Modalities

Our recovery plans Revolve Around evidence-based treatment. we use science and research to develop peer support groups, therapy plans, and an aftercare plan for continued recovery. This mentality is the reason our completion rate is 71% higher than the national average.
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Why Does Ohio Choose NPB Recovery For Alcohol Rehabilitation?

We have a completion rate 71% higher than the National Average. We do this by working closely with the client, the family of the client, and the healthcare workers assigned to the treatment plan.

It's not just the 30-90 Days. We help clients transition back into everyday life sober and healthy.
We help you navigate through the entire rehabilitation process at all levels of care.
Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation provides several holistic classes, therapies, and recreational activities.
We will find you the right program in the right environment for maximum comfort during your recovery.
"There is not enough time to Describe how grateful I am for the entire staff at NPB Recovery. From admissions through completing the course, every staff member and the entire clinical team were kind, friendly, supportive, and genuinely sincere with getting me the best help and treatment plan that I needed."
"My therapist made it a priority to make a safe space for me to open up. Facilitators were amazing in their ability to get everyone to apply themselves. The techs were very efficient and were there to help with all situations."
"NPB Recovery was exactly the environment I needed. My case manager went above and beyond to workout my schedule and was there to meet all my needs. I entered the care of this facility with no hope and emerged whole, with a new perspective on life. The groups were helpful, and sometimes hilarious"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Detox While on Medication?

Yes! Your team of physicians and nursing staff will make sure that the medications you currently take are included in your detox and recovery plan.

What About My Employment While in Treatment?

Many times Your job will be protected while seeking rehabilitation. You may be eligible for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) while taking a proactive approach to your successful recovery. We can help you through this process by calling (667) 239-1849.

What If I Have a Dual Diagnosis?

Mental health and drug addiction can seem to go hand in hand. Inpatient rehabilitation addresses both problems. If your mental health is under control it makes recovery much more possible.

How Long Is Rehab?

Programs can last from 28 days to 90 days or longer. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that most people with addictions need at least 90 days of treatment to be successful in recovery.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes in Rehab?

Many of our centers allow smoking outside only and at designated times throughout the day and evening. We have smoking cessation programs available to assist those wanting to quit smoking as well.

Can My Friends and Family Visit While in Treatment?

Your friends and family will play a vital role in your recovery. It is essential to have the support of those who love you most. Family sessions are a focal point of the treatment plan.

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