Inpatient Programs

By going to an inpatient rehab you are reducing the likelihood of a relapse. Inpatient treatments happen in a monitored environment, include a medical staff, and plenty of resources to help overcome drugs and alcohol.

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Time Frame

30, 60, or 90 Days


Tailored treatment with 24 hour access to medical staff


Many insurances qualify, and self payment options are readily available.

Overview of Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Inpatient recovery plans can vary depending on where an individual would like to be located, what therapies will be most effective, and more.
  • Length of time for inpatient programs will depend on the severity of the addiction and any co-occurring conditions a patient may have.
  • Inpatient recovery consists of room and board, cafeterias, and amenities for patients to enjoy.
  • Inpatient recovery is tailored to individual patients. This is done by talking with an Addiction Specialist to find the program that will serve you best.

Why Go To Inpatient Rehabilitation?

  • Many inpatient programs offer family programs where the family can participate in counseling, be there for support, and encourage their loved ones recovery.
  • Inpatient rehab has the highest rates of long-term recovery and discuss strategies to prevent relapsing in the future.
  • 24 Hour Medical access while recovering
  • Assistance into an Outpatient Program upon completion of Inpatient Rehab.

How To Choose The Right Inpatient Recovery Program

  • Are you looking for a program that treats specific addictions or illnesses? It is important to many patients that they are in a program for a specific substance or co-occurring disorder.
  • You want to know what kind of counseling is offered. We typically recommend both individual and group therapy, but you may want to explore other therapies offered such as yoga, art, or music therapy. We also recommend family therapy whenever possible..
  • You should develop an aftercare plan. You should have guidance into an outpatient program, such as North Palm Beach’s outpatient program, in order to remain sober and healthy after leaving an inpatient facility
  • You want to know what groups use as recovery resources. For example, many inpatient recovery programs will use the 12 step program, but some use alternative methods. Some inpatient programs may offer both.
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