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Overview of Sober Living

Sober living homes provide much more freedom than an inpatient center, and typically comes after an individual has completed an inpatient program. Residents are able to leave the sober home, work, and go as they please. However, depending on the sober home, it may come with rules, curfews, and required meeting attendance.

Why Live In a Sobriety Home

There are several benefits of staying in a sober living home. This includes have a sober community of positive friendships that will last a life time, improving life skills, and having a transition period into life outside of rehab. Sober homes increase your chances of maintaining your sobriety and preventing a relapse for numerous reasons -

  • It provides healthy coping skills and emergency contacts when you have an urge to use.
  • It provides groups and meetings, many which are based around the 12 steps.
  • It provides employment opportunities and life skills.
  • It provides time to adjust to an environment outside of rehabilitation.
  • It allows you to identify triggers while in an environment that encourages sobriety.

Sober living may be for you if you are in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction, and are striving towards long term recovery. Sober living environments encourage men and women to stay sober, live healthy, and remain in the recovery community. Sober homes are perfect for those wanting to build relationships with others that are sober and integrate the recovery world into their everyday life.

What To Look For When Choosing a Sober Living Home

Sober homes and their features, amenities, and rules will differ. We suggest talking with a specialist to figure out what home is right for you. Here are some common features people look for in sober homes.

  • Being fully furnished - Some homes are fully furnished, have a bed ready, and even provide linens and towels.
  • Having a solid network - You want a sober home that has a deep commitment to the recovery world and has access to resources in the community to help you maintain a healthy life.
  • Spacious living - Some homes are bigger than others. Many individuals like to be able to have a home big enough they can find space to study, pray, and exercise.
  • Entertainment - We suggest looking over entertainment options, indoor and outdoor. Does it have a pool, television, etc.?
  • Meetings - You want a sober home where meetings, workshops, and life skill trainings are offered.
  • Location - Location is always important. It's ideal to find a home near nature, the ocean, and close to employment.
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